PC Support Scams

downloadThere are people out there that believe everything they hear, and these people are exactly the right targets for scammers. We’ve seen all kinds of scammers out there, but the latest group of them consists of PC support scammers. These highly intelligent scammers try to fraud people, and it appears that they are very successful in this enterprise of theirs. So, let’s see what exactly do these guys do, so that we could know how to avoid them.

Reports say that more than 3.4 millions of US citizens have become a victim of a PC support scam in the year of 2015 alone! This figure with which the Microsoft company came out is an alarming one, and especially because the scammers are the people who pose themselves as people working for well respected companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, or Google, and then inform the person on the other side of the phone that their computer is full of viruses that are going to destroy their PCs. Then they say, that for a fee that usually consists of a couple of hundreds of dollars, they can help them get their computer clean. By using this technique, these thieves have taken around 1.5 billions of US Dollars! This means that this con is an extremely serious one.

The worst part about this is the fact that these scams are on the rise, and they’re not being reduced at all! In just one month of the previous year, the Microsoft company has been contacted by more than 175 thousand companies that claim that they were victims of such a fraud! This is a huge number, and the worst thing about it is the fact that the scammers used extremely aggressive tactics to try and convince their “clients” that they are under attack by a huge group of viruses. They ask people to give the control of their personal computers to them, so that they could clean the PC up. By doing so, they get full access of the person’s files, or even bank accounts!

imagesThe only way to fight this is to have a PC support company that you know and completely trust, and you only ought to answer their phone calls. If another person calls you and introduces themselves as a PC support team member, you should immediately hang up the phone, because you just might become a victim of a scam.

We know that we could never become victims of such a scam, because we have our own PC Support team, and they have their hard working intelligent remote hands in Phoenix Arizona. Only if we get a call from one of their familiar voices will we be sure that there is something really going on, and that our computed really does need some support. If another person calls and tells us that we ought to give the control of our computer to them,. We will immediately call the Police. These scammers need to know that crime does not pay, and that they are going to be punished severely.

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