Installing a metal roof

downloadIf you wish to properly install a roof, you should probably call a roofing company, and especially if you’re planning to install it on your house. However, there are some smaller roof installations that you can do on your own, like installing a roof on some of the other objects you have in your backyard. And we are going to show you how to properly do a metal roof install on one of those, but keep I mind that you need to do everything mentioned here. If you’re having second thoughts, call a roofing company, but if you do want to install the roof by yourself, pay close attention.

Before everything else, you really need to take some measurements. This is the only way for you to really know how big of a roof you’re going to need, and at what length you’ll need to cut it. So, first measure the distance between the ridge and the eave, and that will give you an overall idea of what length the roof should be. Then, you need to add some length for the part of the roof that’s going to hang; you can add as much as you want, but make sure that the hanging length is not too small. After that, you need to measure the width of the roof, and that’s it for the measuring.

Now, keep in mind that you first need to see just how width and long the metal panels are. So, inform yourself on that, and when you calculate everything, go ahead and order those panels.

Before you start applying the panels, you have to screw in the boards that go under them. You’ll secure the panels to these things, and they should go parallel with the eaves and the ridge. Make sure you allow some distance between the boards, because they shouldn’t be touching each other; the distance should be at least 60 cm.

Flashings are important bits of the roof as well, and you’ll need to install them too. Do this now, before you install the panels, and you can do that by crewing them in to the eaves, or attaching them with hammer and nails. This software can help with manage your construction project.

Now it’s time for the instalment of the first panel. This is usually the hardest thing to do, and all the other panels should be installed easily after this. Just place it along an edge of the roof, and leave it hanging about 2 cm over the eave of the roof. Now just screw it in, and you’re done with this one.  Now all that’s left for you is to install the remaining panels, but just make sure you align them properly. After that, you’ll need to install the gable trims and the ridge caps, and you’ll do that by crewing them in and securing them in their place.maxresdefault

And that’s it, if you’ve done everything you’ve seen here, you should have a great metal roof. However, some people believe that this is a bit too much for them, and opt for hiring a roofing company. This is not a bad thing to do, especially if you’re not sure of yourself and your roofing skills.

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